[rc5] Speed freeks with Cyrix, AMD, PPro or RISC machines ?

Jot Powers jot at tmp.medtronic.com
Thu Aug 14 22:17:36 EDT 1997

> I just reported my numbers for UltraSparcs I & II (170mhz and 300mhz).
> The 170 runs about 235k/sec and the 300 runs about 405k/sec.  Roughly
> a 35% increase over 2.002 client.  Quite a jump.

Now, if I could get the command line arguments back, I could run in
my business environment, where as long as the clients run from
5:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m., no one complains.

(However, I have seen that it is in the to-do list, so I'm being

(aka jot at bofh.com)
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