[rc5] bufferfiles same for v2b2 / v2b4 ?

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Fri Aug 15 16:46:17 EDT 1997


It seems to me that the bufferfiles for v2b2 and v2b4 are different.
I'm running sun/linux/sgi (v2b4) and hp (v2b2) in the same directory,
and all the hp's are filling their logfiles with buffer-errors.
And indeed, an empty buffer in v2b4 is 8 bytes, while under v2b2 they
totally disppear (unlinked) when empty.

Dev-team: is this right?
If so, please put out a warning message on rc5-announce or

Greetings, and keep up the good work for b5 and the stats!


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