[rc5] RC5V2B4 - Minor OS/2 client problem

Jeffrey Doolittle jdoolittle at ibm.net
Fri Aug 15 20:11:13 EDT 1997



The following is a quick snippet from my RC5 v2b4 log file which
demostrates a possible math error related to processing time
calculations (line 11 specifically):

[08/15/97 22:38:42 GMT] Block: 8AE8F8:80000000 being processed
[08/15/97 22:38:42 GMT] 183 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2104)"
[08/15/97 22:42:42 GMT] Sent 17 block(s) to server
The proxy says: "Welcome to rc5.best.net.  Happy cracking!"
[08/15/97 22:42:52 GMT] Retrieved 17 block(s) from server

[08/15/97 22:45:39 GMT] Completed block 8AE8F8:80000000 (268435456
                        1193022:35:12.47 - [0.06 keys/sec]
[08/15/97 22:45:39 GMT] Block: C3EBDF:30000000 being processed
[08/15/97 22:45:39 GMT] 199 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5

[08/15/97 22:52:41 GMT] Completed block C3EBDF:30000000 (268435456
                        00:07:03.54 - [633779.18 keys/sec]

If I do the math between 22:38:42 & 22:45:39 I do NOT see 1.2 million
hours of processing time.  The other log file information recorded
during the processing of the block is another instance of RC5 I have
schedule to run every two hours which does a '-flush' and '-fetch'.

Computer is as follows:
	ASUS KN97-X w/Intel P2/266
	OS/2 Warp v4 (FixPak #3)

The client has been running for only about 24 hours before this
occurred.  The last three blocks processed so far have been calculated
perfectly fine.  I was NOT using the system at the time, just happen to
catch it on the screen....

Has anyone else experienced the above?  Could this be a possible P2

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