[rc5] Speed freeks with Cyrix, AMD, PPro or RISC machines ?

Martin C Sweitzer msew+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Aug 15 23:37:12 EDT 1997

Excerpts from rc5Distrib: 15-Aug-97 Re: [rc5] Speed freeks with.. by Jot
Powers at tmp.medtronic 
> Well, see the problem is I went ahead and wrote a perl program
> that I can from cron every hour that looks at the current time,
> checks to see if a machine is running, looks at the day of week
> and then decides how long to run for.  So, to switch to a simple
> cron, or to change everything to make it re-write the .ini file
> every hour is a pain.  This has the advantage of running, even

post the perl script 
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