[rc5] bufferfiles same for v2b2 / v2b4 ?

Friedemann Baitinger baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de
Sat Aug 16 10:47:55 EDT 1997

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Ivo Janssen wrote:

> You have a different dir for every client. That works, but it's a
> lot of work, and the buffers were said to be compatible. I now do hp
> in a different dir then sun/linux/sgi and everything works fine now.
> But... it could be more elegant.
> And while we're at it. I want to specify a different logfile for
> every client, still having 1 rc5v2.ini. So an entry in rc5v2.ini
> like:
> 	logname=/home/ivo/rc5/rc5-%m.log
> where %m is a substiture for the hostname. Only if the devteam has
> too much spare time of course. And this would be fixed if I had
> command-line overriding, then I could do: rc5v2 -log rc5-$HOST.log
> I'll keep waiting for v2.005

and i'll keep waiting for a v2 personal proxy.

most of these ugly shell or perl hacks would be obsolete if we had a v2
personal proxy. in fact, i am still using v1 clients and a v1 personal
proxy. i'm running Remi's optimized v1 clients. they are very reliable
(they are up 11 days now as well as the v1 personal proxy) and they
are as fast as the current 2.004 clients.

i'd like to suggest that the dev. team devotes its resources to the
development of a v2 personal proxy and not mess around with any fancy
commandline options for the various clients.

Friedemann Baitinger           baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de

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