[rc5] New Ultra Sparc version

Brian Foddy bkfoddy at skypoint.com
Sat Aug 16 13:36:39 EDT 1997

It seems like a second v2.004 Ultra Sparc specific version
has just been released.  On my machines (some 170's and a 300)
it gained another 8.5% over the previous 2.004 version.  
And thats on top of the 35% improvement I saw going to
2.004 from 2.002.

I think my Ultra 2-2300 is now turning out over 450,000keys/sec
on each CPU.  And it doesn't have the ROTL instruction
that bennefits most other platforms.

To whoever is writing this client...  Do you have
any more rabbits in your hat?  Keep it up.

Brian Foddy
bkfoddy at skypoint.com
Eagan, MN  USA

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