[rc5] Password assignment for team

Curtis Brown shazam at pobox.com
Sat Aug 16 18:28:14 EDT 1997

>> I (as the team-leader) pressed the [Mail Me A Password] -Button at the
>> Stats-Page
>> uttgart.de) to receive a password for my team. 
>> This is a few hours ago and the web-page never gave me any sort of
>> Now, when I look at the same page, there is a field to fill in a password,
>> but I NEVER received one! Where is my mistake and where has the password
>> Did Anybody else had the same problems?
>Yep, me too.

I know that my team leadr was able to do this. Our stats now has a banner
and link to our website! I must say, theis is a *very* cool feature, and
should stimulate competition quite nicely.. good luck getting the bugs
worked out...   :)


shazam at pobox.com
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