[rc5] v2.004+ buffer tricks...

Brian J. Stewart bstewart at primary.net
Sun Aug 17 11:02:04 EDT 1997

Haven't seen it posted, but...

I have my home network sharing (1) central directory between 4 PCs, with
buffering of 200 to limit my dial-outs...

I was down to 100 blocks left in my buff-in, and decided to try fetching
more blocks (even though my limit is 200), and it did.  So now I 300 blocks
in hand, potential 399 i would assume... 

Question: If I keep requesting new blocks BEFORE i empty the buff-in, will
buff-out EVER empty on its own???  

I'm guessing that the buff-in is the trigger... once it empties is sends
ALL buff-out blocks.

Yeah, yeah.. I know about -flush command, I'm testing to just how many I
can rack up before sending (during a single, got nothing else to do while
it rains, weekend)

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