[rc5] RE: TOP 10^56 E-Mails...

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Sun Aug 17 21:37:48 EDT 1997

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Brian J. Stewart wrote:

> > Would you please add TOP 500 E-Mail or  TOP 1000 E-mails??
> Generating the TOP 1000 from the database would seem like a lot of overkill
> to me... (yeah, i'm biased .. we're #19)

Well, to go along with Brian, I think a 1000 line table would bring most
any browser to a screeching halt and suck up so much memory that it'd be
near useless to view.

And now that you can view the teams around you, what is the point?  Just
the cpu testosterone to say "Look I'm on the top 500" rather than "I'm not
on the top 100?"

"Ya gets what cha pays for... How much money have you donated to the "Save
the Stats" fund."

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