[rc5] How long this could take....

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Mon Aug 18 13:13:50 EDT 1997

Rik Ling wrote:
> Two items of note.
> 1)  The banner ad on Altavista actually works, 'cause it sucked me in while
> I was in the middle of a search for some CD-ROM drivers.  If not for it I
> never would have known about the RC5 contest and certainly not that
> distributed.net even existed.  I was wondering how many other participants
> joined as the result of seeing an online ad?  Good idea, whoever's it was.
> I run an ISP with six Pentium and five 486 machines on premises, plus my
> Pentium at home--all told an addition of about a million keys per second of
> processing power that is now devoted to cracking RC5.  Not too bad a return
> for one lousy banner ad, eh?

For this reason, I have been urging the stats team to add a Link
Exchange banner into rc5stats.distributed.net (just as the one in
rc5.distributed.net), so that more LE credits can be earned in favour of
Bovine RC5. Since many of us are so concerned about the stats and almost
check on it every day (I bet some do it every few hours even though it's
still updated daily), generating lots of traffic to the site, LE can
really help us pull in more new recruits. 

Of course I do recognise the "slight contamination" by the LE banner on
our wonderful stats page. 

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