[rc5] How long this could take....

Stuart Whelan stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
Mon Aug 18 15:58:29 EDT 1997

At 13:33 18/08/97 +1200, you wrote:
>Two items of note.
>1)  The banner ad on Altavista actually works, 'cause it sucked me in while
>I was in the middle of a search for some CD-ROM drivers.  If not for it I
>never would have known about the RC5 contest and certainly not that
>distributed.net even existed.  I was wondering how many other participants
>joined as the result of seeing an online ad?  Good idea, whoever's it was. 
>I run an ISP with six Pentium and five 486 machines on premises, plus my
>Pentium at home--all told an addition of about a million keys per second of
>processing power that is now devoted to cracking RC5.  Not too bad a return
>for one lousy banner ad, eh?

I found out about RC5 from the Phost VGA planets page, They had a deschal
link, which I couldn't take part in case it was US only, then this thing
called RC5 appeared and I decided to give it a looksee.

Good one PHost People!

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