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Martin C Sweitzer msew+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Aug 18 05:18:37 EDT 1997

Excerpts from rc5Distrib: 18-Aug-97 Re: [rc5] Some Deep questions by Ivo
Janssen at ricardis.tud 
> BTW, there must exist a way to revert te encryption. One way
> encryption is never one way, they just made it difficult to do the

now here is where you are incorrect.

There are MANY one way functions.

> other way around. My point is: it can never be harder to use
> intelligent methods to break the code then just brute force.
> So is there a smart method to break RC5??

On the smart way:

The smartest way is to go find the guy that created the password, and
torture him until he tells us.

Well as that is not really possible we can try to guess his password.

Now the real question here is how long does it take to:

take every possible combination of a password say up to like some N.

so for each char space in the N we get to choose from the 255 character set.

daunting eh? just make like a 128 character password ohh the pain!!!

So right there doing a brute force on the keys is faster.

Also for someone who reall wanted to crack this, the best way would to
build special hardware to do it.


torture person

build special hardware

or our solution

get a bunch of people (us) to distribute the cracking

Again the whole cracking effort is to get publicity on the fact that the
current US crypto restrictions are just too low for strong encryption


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