[rc5] Nice levels on sgi

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Mon Aug 18 12:38:48 EDT 1997

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Dmitry I. Valetin wrote:

> > It seems that the rc5v2b2 and rc5v2b4 clients  go to nice -20.
> > That means: _high_ priority! I set up a couple machines that way, and
> > my sysop came complaining. 
> > Is it my irix which is configured the wrong way, or is it the client.
> > 
> > Ivo
> Is that a BSD clone? If so, they have their own nice levels.
> Of course, user program cannot set negative nicenes, till it runned whith a
> common user rights, but when it runns by root - it is possible to set any nice level.
> Dmitry Valetin.
> ----

Hmm, I don't know. I'm not an sgi expert. I just have a user account
on some of them. So I download the rc5v2b2-irix and rc5v2b4-mips,
expecting to work fine. But they don't.

uname says: IRIX xor 5.2 04091117 IP22 mips
xor is the name of the machine.


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