[rc5] Some Deep questions

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Mon Aug 18 09:08:29 EDT 1997

> From: Brian Foddy <bkfoddy at skypoint.com>
> To: rc5 at llamas.net
> Subject: [rc5] Some Deep questions
> Date: Sunday, August 17, 1997 6:01 PM
> I've been thinking about this whole process.
> And there are some questions I have.

Anyone interested in the feasibility of how easy it is to crack a 56 bit
algorithm check out:


where you'll find that a dedicated *government* sponsored effort can take
as short as 12 seconds. A description of what it would take to do that,
and how, can be found there written by some very knowledgeable
cryptographers and mathematicians.

Arvin Meyer
onsite at esinet.net
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