[rc5] v2 personal proxy

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Mon Aug 18 12:53:49 EDT 1997

I've been waiting awhile for the v2 personal proxies; lo and behold, when I
checked today, there they were! I downloaded the Solaris Sparc version,
which ran fine on my SparcStation 10.

The reason I'm writing this is that apparently the program is using a
non-blocking poll() (i.e. the timeout parameter is 0) to check for activity
on the listen ports. The consequence of this is that the program loops
extremely tightly, and uses 100% of CPU time (which should be used for
cracking keys!).

The quickest solution would be to pass a timeout of 1000 (one second) or
however often the program needs to do other stuff.  This should cut the CPU
time down to almost nothing.

Anybody else notice this, and is there a fix planned?

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