[rc5] Win32 GUI Installation

David Hubbard dhubbard at peds-cme.med.usf.edu
Tue Aug 19 18:23:31 EDT 1997

Hello everyone,
	ok, what I want to do is install the guiwin32.exe on 95 machines
very quickly via batch file and have it run from the registry and stealth. 
Is there a way to install the client to auto run without actually opening
the GUI?  If the runhidden variable is set in the .ini and I call it with
guiwin32 -run, that hides it but it only lasts for that session, it
appears that the box in the client itself is the only way to get it into
the registry.  I need to do this because I want to install it via login
scripts and have it run always after that.

Any ideas?

dhubbard at eng.usf.edu

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