[rc5] Win32 GUI Installation

David Hubbard dhubbard at peds-cme.med.usf.edu
Tue Aug 19 18:39:13 EDT 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Al Banks wrote:

> Dave,
> You can export those registry keys into a file with a .reg extension.
> When executed, Win95/NT will integrate them into the registry.
> Another way would be to copy a shortcut into the startup folder or let
> the logon script start the client.

Hey Al,
	thanks.  Any chance you know the format for a .reg file? :-)
I think that would be best because I don't want the GUI portion of
the client starting and there doesn't seem to be a way to get the
auto start from the command line.


dhubbard at eng.usf.edu

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