[rc5] STEATH install via BATCH files

Brian J. Stewart bstewart at primary.net
Wed Aug 20 10:20:48 EDT 1997

>> DHUBBARD, asked about running a batch file to auto-install/hidden.  Here
you go.

-=-=- START: BOVINE.BAT -=-=-
rem ** un-rem me if you are needing to "kill" currently running clients
before upgrading
rem ** guicntrl.exe 
copy guiwin32.* c:\windows
start bovine.reg
cd \windows
guiwin32.exe -run
-=-=- END: BOVINE.BAT -=-=-

This batch file obviously copies the files to the users c:\windows, imports
the REGistry entries, starts the client, and then exits from your DOS
prompt. NOTE the remarks i have in the batch file regarding GUICNTRL.EXE

-=-=- START: BOVINE.REG -=-=-


"TRAYBOV2"="c:\\windows\\guiwin32.exe -run"

-=-=- END: BOVINE.REG -=-=-

This reg file inserts the appropriate auto-start at boot (pre-network login
prompt) to enable the client to begin working.

NOTE: Make sure you have your GUIWIN32.INI set with hidden options set, and
preferably with cpu autodetect. (unless you know all your pc are P-Pros,
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