[rc5] personal proxy stats

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Wed Aug 20 12:44:19 EDT 1997

> There was a program that someone had in perl that could give you stats on
> your machines based on the output of the personal proxy version 1 log
> files.  Has someone done a similar thing for the output files of the
> version 2 personal proxy?
> Thanks,
> -Randy

If you're interested, I've written a Windows (16-bit) application that will
keep some running information for the v2 personal proxy.  It uses the
keyserver file to track which clients have reported, and keeps a running
total of blocks reported from each client, and their keyrate for the day. 
It updates continuously on the fly using a "tail -f" command, but uses very
little CPU time. It's a little primitive, but it's better than nothing!  Of
course, if you're using a shared directory for the v2 clients, the key
rates will be totally bogus, but at least you can still tell which ones are
reporting (and which ones aren't).  It should give you a good idea of your
overall keyrate for the day, too.

It also displays in red and changes it's name if there's been no report for
an hour, so you can make sure that the proxy is still running.

Let me know--I need to make a couple of changes to make it more generic
(like a parameterized time zone).

  -- Paul Leskinen

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