[rc5] Chip speeds

Rik Ling rling at pipcom.com
Wed Aug 20 15:47:05 EDT 1997

Just a quick question regarding chip speeds.  I've been looking on the
benchmarks page and I noticed that the K5 and 6x86 chips seems to get 
phenomenally good scores compared to the "bigger" chips like the K6 and
Pentium 200, 166, etc.

Can someone tell me if this is true, or just an artifact of the bench-
marking process?

Note the price to speed ratio's here (Canadian $):

CPU             MHz     Cost    2.004 speed     Ratio (kkeys/$)
K5              133     $102    320,000         3.14
K5              166     $133    370,000         2.78
6x86 P166+      133     $82     279,000         3.40
6x86 P200+      150     $97     304,000         3.13
Pentium         133     $142    165,000         1.16  <-sucks!
Pentium         200     $305    265,000         1.15  <-sucks!	
Pentium MMX     233     $530    305,000         0.58  <-really sucks!
K6              233     $438    360,000         0.82  <-really sucks!

Can I believe these numbers?  Obviously the Cyrix gives the best bang
for your buck, closely followed by the K5.  I run an ISP/Hardware shop
so it's no big deal for me to get in a half dozen of these chips and
set up a little server farm for a while.  I just need to know if these
numbers are to be believed.

Could anyone out there with a K5 or a 6x86 system get back to me on this?


Rik Ling
Network Administrator
Peterborough Internet Pipeline
rling at pipcom.com
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