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Jot Powers jot at tmp.medtronic.com
Wed Aug 20 15:35:02 EDT 1997

> What is going to happen when the current code is cracked?  With all the
> power we have behind this one now, I think that the coders should
> prepare a new version of the client to crack the next hardest key.  Then
> when one of us finds the key and it is confirmed, we can then go and
> start cracking the next one, keeping most of the people and strength.

Wow, that sounds like a good question.  Actually, that sounds like
such a good question, that maybe, just maybe someone has asked it.

But wait, if someone (maybe several someones) asked it, it might
make sense to put the answer somewhere easy to find if you wanted
to ask it.

Hmm....what would be a good name for such a place?  Hmm...

I've got it, FAQ!  Frequently Asked Questions!



The Next Projects 

Mersenne Primes:
Large prime numbers. The current GIMPS effort is human coordinated through Email. This means it can't handle the thousands of people
involved in RC5 right now. With our clients and proxy network, along with deducing the unit of work we should be able to verify M35 and find
M36 in no time at all. There is also no "last" prime number, so this can serve as the glue between other projects. The v3 clients that are under
development should allow hot swapping of projects.

Distributed Chess Engine:
Remy de Ruysscher (remy at cyberservices.com) is in the process of organizing programmers to build a distributed chess engine module to be
used with the eventual distributed.net V3 client. Feel free to drop him a line if you're interested, and as the project gets a bit more organized,
you'll be able to find more information here at distributed.net

-Jot "I'm in a crappy mood, so don't take it personally" Powers
Jot Powers 		
Unix System Administrator, Medtronic Micro-Rel
jot at tmp.medtronic.com
"Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation."
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