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Michael Chajkowski mickyc at superiway.net
Thu Aug 21 02:30:10 EDT 1997

While I agree on some points here, like the fact that non intel cpu's
don't do SMP. BUT, for the price of upgrading to an SMP board with
intel cpu's (roughly $1200 CAN where I live), I could purchase a whole
new P200+, sans monitor (or add 350 for a nice 15"), /w 32 MB Ram,
basic SVGA card, floppy, network card, 15" tower, 2.1GB HD without
discarding my current investment in a Cyrix 6x86 P200+.  I could then
stick Linux or a base OS/2 installation and really cook, make it a
print server on my little home lan, or set the RC5 client to run at
"not so nice" priority.  In terms of the RC5 client, now look who's
laughing!  Compare that setup to a dual P200, no, lets make it fair, a
dual P233.

When running SMP, the numbers do NOT scale exactly, for instance adding
a second P233 would NOT double performace, at most it will increase by
a factor of 1.5.  Adding a whole new machine, on the other hand, will
more than double you processing speed for something like RC5, as it is
sitting idle, not processing anything other than the client.

And now for the numbers
(taking number from a previous quote)

CPU        MHZ   Cost  Speed    Ratio  
6x86P200+  150   $ 74  304,000  3.23
P233MMX    233   $349  305,000  0.87

Now do as I suggested abouve, add a new 6x86 computer, and add a second
P233 CPU, keep in mind that you will probobly have to upgrade you
motherboard now, because you did not think that you would really pop in
another cpu ... and see what happens

CPU       MHZ  Cost  add upgrade                 Total cost
6x86P200+ 150  $ 74  (New computer)       $1200  $1274
P233MMX   233  $349  (add CPU, upg board) $ 700  $1049

Now calculate the approximate gains in computing power ...

2 6x86 P200+ computers 608 kkey/s ( 2 x 304,000 )
dual P233MMX           458 kkey/s ( 1.5 x 305,000 )
                 -or-  624 kkey/s ( scaled from dual P200 )

I will let you figure out the better deal here, even seeing the higher
second number ...

Keep in mind that you can always let someone else use that brand new
computer in the future, with the addition of a monitor, what a deal, if
you have an up and coming family ...

Incidentally, my Cyrix 6x86 P200+, which actually is designed to go
150mhz, and is overclocked to 187.5mhz (2.5 clock multiplier on a 75mhz
motherboard), doing a max of 311 kkey/s!

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:56:26 -0400, rc5-digest wrote:

>One thing that people forget is that you haveta keep in mind that those
>CPU's (non-intel) don't support SMP and some other things that Intel chips
>do. Don't get me wrong; I KNOW the K6 233 is a frigging fast chip that
>runs like a P200 and a a third of another, but what if you have a dual CPU
>board? My Dual P200 is still running faster with 2 Intel chips than if I
>had 2 AMD K6's, because they can only be run one at a time. Figure I'd
>haveta buy a whole other system to USE that other CPU, and check the
>kkeys/$ again. Go up to a system with a Quad PPro design or our Dual
>PII-266 system (and then overclock them to 300 MHz, like the AMD and Cyrix
>chips already are internally), and check the numbers again, especially
>against having to buy 3 EXTRA whole boxes to run the cpu's in, and then
>assume you want these to do SOMETHING besides RC5 someday where having 4
>CPU's in one box is MUCH better than 1 cpu in 4 boxes.
>It depends on your needs and what equipment you already have as to what
>you should buy. 
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>Sean McPherson
>sean at ntr.net

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