[rc5] Stats slightly off?

Dimitris Tsapakidis dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk
Thu Aug 21 16:18:44 EDT 1997

>> yep, more stats questions.  Did something happen?  My key rate
>> for yesterday says 5129 blocks checked at 15935 kkeys/sec. 
>> It should be at least over 8000 and 27000 kkeys/sec.
> Yes, something must have gone wrong. According to our proxyper log
> file, we did at least 5300 blocks yesterday, but the rc5stats
> says we only did 3172 blocks.

Same here, logs say 1700, stats say 1200. At least, can we
get the assurance that the stats are broken and that we are not
dropping any blocks on the floor?


Dimitris Tsapakidis        http://www.rabbit.co.uk/dimitris/
dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk    Security Research, BT Labs, Ipswich, UK
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