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Rik Ling rling at pipcom.com
Thu Aug 21 10:47:55 EDT 1997

> From: Michael Chajkowski <mickyc at superiway.net>
> To: rc5 at llamas.net
> Subject: [rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #91
> Date: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 1:30 PM


> 2 6x86 P200+ computers 608 kkey/s ( 2 x 304,000 )
> dual P233MMX           458 kkey/s ( 1.5 x 305,000 )
>                  -or-  624 kkey/s ( scaled from dual P200 )
> I will let you figure out the better deal here, even seeing the higher
> second number ...

The better deal really does depend on what you're going to do with the
machine(s).  If you run Win95, (which when last I checked didn't come with
SMP extensions), then getting an SMP board is a non-option in the first
place.  Indeed some people (like yourself) will benefit more from
purchasing a whole second machine so the family can use it.  If, however,
you run CPU intensive programs (I run POV-Ray) under NT or Linux, an SMP
machine becomes very attractive, as it makes it easier to devote the power
of multiple processors to arbitrary jobs (not just the RC5 project!).  Yes,
yes, I've heard of network rendering, and I have dabbled with PVM-POV
before, but setups like that are more complicated and take up more physical

What I'm trying to say is that everyone is right---It just depends what
they want to do on their computers in the first place.

In a perfect world you would be able to buy a quad-CPU 6x86 or K5
Mainboards and get the best of both worlds.  I wonder, how difficult could
it be to design an add-in PCI card that takes up to 4 Cyrix (or AMD) chips?
 I'm thinking of something like the i960 Quadputer from Microway. 
Unfortunately the Quadputer is a non-symetric(sp?) multi-processor which
you have to write programs specifically for.  If the board could be made
for less than $500 then you could buy one fully decked with 4 CPUs and
memory for around $1000.  Imagine a patched version of the RC5 client
running on that!  Alas, I but dream---if it was cost effective to do such a
thing, somebody would have done it by now.
> Keep in mind that you can always let someone else use that brand new
> computer in the future, with the addition of a monitor, what a deal, if
> you have an up and coming family ...
> Incidentally, my Cyrix 6x86 P200+, which actually is designed to go
> 150mhz, and is overclocked to 187.5mhz (2.5 clock multiplier on a 75mhz
> motherboard), doing a max of 311 kkey/s!

In my case, I've decide to get a couple of K5 166's.  I'll try
over-clocking them and see what happens.  With luck I might be able to pull
400+ kkeys/sec on each. And an added bonus: If I leave the case open and
attach a large aluminum plate to the CPU I'll have somewhere to fry my
breakfast too! ;-)


Rik Ling 
It's a mad mad world.  Only the fully sane are truly crazy.

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