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Chris Thorson thorson at visi.com
Thu Aug 21 12:46:29 EDT 1997

5. Keeping people interested.  Cryptography is interesting, but is prime
numbers?  I don't really know, I am, but are other people?  How about
SETI, chess engines.  Note that this is closely related to number 1
because if the client is installed and automatically grabs the new
problem then the people are more likely just to let it go onto another
"not-interesting to me" problem.

I think that the Prime search is the only interesting and practical puzzle 
I have heard mentioned so far.  SETI is already underway (see 
http://www.bigscience.com/) and the chess engine is uninteresting to me 
because of the lack of real results.

Bovine should concentrate on problems that will produce real results that 
apply to real world problems. Distributed chess, though having the 
potential to produce lots of publicity, does not do anything productive.  I 
have to admit though that I would be at least a little interested in seeing 
how a distributed chess engine would be implemented and how it would be 
used (presumably to beat Big Blue).

Anyway, I'm sure that Bovine will do what Bovine wants to do.

	Chris Thorson

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