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Ryan Krueger rskrueger at jtmd.com
Thu Aug 21 15:09:01 EDT 1997

>I think that the Prime search is the only interesting and practical puzzle 
>I have heard mentioned so far.  SETI is already underway (see 
>http://www.bigscience.com/) and the chess engine is uninteresting to me 
>because of the lack of real results.

I saw SETI on the Mac Bovine page.  The thing was to improve the 
distribution.  It's currently done via email.  Not something that you're 
going to do with a group the size of bovine.

>Bovine should concentrate on problems that will produce real results that 
>apply to real world problems. Distributed chess, though having the 
>potential to produce lots of publicity, does not do anything productive.  I 
>have to admit though that I would be at least a little interested in seeing 
>how a distributed chess engine would be implemented and how it would be 
>used (presumably to beat Big Blue).

Beating Big Blue would interest a bunch of people I think.  You would 
have to bill it as something like "Rebels little guys vs. Huge corporate 

It would be very interesting to think about distributed real time chess.  
With this much computer power you wouldn't need the greatest AI 
heuristic, just an efficient problem distribution.  In chess tournaments 
you get a limited amount of time to think about your move, so every 
machine in the competition would have to respond with an answer quickly.  
Very difficult.

-Ryan Krueger
-rskrueger at jtmd.com
-James Tower Media Design

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