[rc5] Chip speeds

Rik Ling rling at pipcom.com
Thu Aug 21 17:33:34 EDT 1997

> From: Joey Sum <jpsum1 at pop.uky.edu>
> To: rling at pipcom.com
> Subject: Re: [rc5] Chip speeds
> Date: Thursday, August 21, 1997 11:33 AM
> The K6 numbers seem a little low, however.  You would think that the K6
> would perform at least as well as the cheaper and older K5.

While disappointing for the RC5 challenge, it makes sense that the K6
numbers would be so low.  You see, AMD acquired the K6 from NexGen when
they bought them out, so it really bears little resemblance to the K5,
which was designed by an entirely different team.  I would wager that on
the inside the K5 and K6 are so different that the optimizations used in
one just don't work in the other.  It seems like they threw out the bay
with the bath water when they abandoned the K5.

Rik Ling 
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