[rc5] SMP hardware sources? (Marginally off-topic?)

James Knowles jknowles at pc034083.code3.com
Thu Aug 21 15:53:37 EDT 1997


This is related to the effort as it'll put a couple more faster processors 
out there on the project part-time, and I know there are a lot of people out 
there with experience with this, so I'll post this question at the risk of 
going a little off-topic. 

I've got a machine to upgrade. It's not a server, but a graphics cruncher. 
(It doesn't do much more than gum the scenes compared to my brother's 500MHz 
Alpha. *sigh*) I'd like to take some of the load off of that machine while 
still doing design and such. Thus I've been thinking about simply replacing 
the motherboard with a multi-processor PPro motherboard. 

I'm curious to know from the people who are running Intel SMP machines a few 

1) What you know of reputable sources for SMP motherboards. I can find dual 
PPro boards, but I'm having difficulty finding sources for quad PPro boards. 
I'd like to know what the cost differences are. If not huge (other than 
buying the processors of course), I'll like spring for this.

2) Is it stupid to think that I could get a quad-processor board, only put 
two in now and add two more in a couple of months? Or just wait?

3) Are there companies that sell whole SMP machines that AREN'T servers? I'm 
not interested in a machine that it needs to be robust with hot-swappable 
drives and fast-wide SCSI-3 and the like. We have a high-performance machine 
already. I need a number cruncher.

4) Any caveats that you've found?

Thanks for your leniency!


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