[rc5] Next Crack

Chris Thorson thorson at visi.com
Thu Aug 21 17:09:26 EDT 1997

>>I think that the Prime search is the only interesting and practical 
>>I have heard mentioned so far.  SETI is already underway (see
>>http://www.bigscience.com/) and the chess engine is uninteresting to me
>>because of the lack of real results.

>I saw SETI on the Mac Bovine page.  The thing was to improve the
>distribution.  It's currently done via email.  Not something that you're
>going to do with a group the size of bovine.

	If this is the last you have heard about the distributed SETI project you 
should definitely check out the above web page.  The system described by 
the document sounds at least as coordinated as either the Bovine or 
Cyberian efforts.  Also, while you are there, check out their ideas for 
stats, sounds very cool.

	Chris Thorson

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