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David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Aug 21 18:15:53 EDT 1997

Steve Trotter said:
>I don't know about the others participating in this effort, but I would be
>unlikely to spin my CPU on a project that I thought was going to take 20
>years to finish.

While I agree that 64-bit RC5 sounds a bit daunting right now, I'd remind
you that it wasn't long ago that our "Estimated time to completion" for the
current project was somewhere around 74 years.  Remember that while we
certainly do have a very impressive number of machines involved, there is
quite a lot of growth potential as well.  There are millions of computers
on the Internet, not to mention the many millions of unconnected computers
that represent potential growth.  Perhaps such a daunting task is what we
need to encourage growth.  I know that for me, with the end in sight
(realistically), there is not the same pressure to recruit that I felt when
our estimated completion time was still measured in decades.  

Not disagreeing with you, really, just trying to put matters into perspective.

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