[rc5] DES T-Shirts

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Fri Aug 22 00:37:08 EDT 1997

Since many of the rc5 participants, were also DESChall folks, I'm posting
this here too. For those that weren't aware of it, there was a contest for
winning shirt design in the DES mail list.

The T-Shirt that won slosh1, was the one designed by Scott Sesher. He has
now sent the files to the printer, Classic Impressions. In case you need to
see it again:

Prices which include everything (shirt, shipping, handling, etc) are as

White	$12.00
Ash	$13.00
Black	$14.00

Sizes Small to XL

For: 2XL add $1.00
       3XL add $2.50

To order send check, money order, or Visa/Mastercard # with signature, to
Classic Impressions.

Classic Impressions	Phone#'s  to check on order status:
attn: Howard Myers		(800) 775-8337
700 Millers Run Rd.		(412) 257-8020 ext. 125
Cuddy, PA 15031		412) 257-1983 (fax)

Delivery, depending on how many orders are received, is 4 to 6 weeks. If
large enough quantities are ordered, it would be sooner. (obviously, they
won't run just a few shirts a day)

Having them handle the entire process from beginning to end, will assure us
that problems like we've been having (xxxx is out of town for 3 days and
can't do it now) won't be happening anymore. OK, it's ready .... Let's
"JUST DO IT" (Nike won't sue me for that will they)

Arvin Meyer
onsite at esinet.net

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