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>>1. Certain organizations (Bovine, Cyberian) make a wrapper
>Bzzzzzt. Wrong. Cyberian is in this for the money. Bovine is
>the only group
>involved in any of these distributed efforts which has long
>term plans.
>After DES fell, where did DESChall and SolNet go? They
>hopefully most of them wafted over to our effort. The domain
>'distributed.net' isn't RC5 or even RSA Challenge specific for
>a reason--
>we're planning on sticking around long after RC5-56 is cracked.
>At this
>time RC5-64 is intractable for a brute force effort with our
>resources. But
>if d.net becomes a long-term, established effort, we will
>probably come
>back to it in a few years. RSA-129

	I'm one of the DES refugees (btw--we finally got our T-shirt
designed), and I think the timing of the solution was just wrong
for us.  I know that I got caught in the 'going home from school
and losing my good internet connection' shuffle, and my rate
dropped quite a bit.  Wait until schools start up over the next
month and more universities come on-line.  Then we should see a
noticable jump in the keyrate.

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