[rc5] Next Crack

Artimage nelsonl at cs.purdue.edu
Fri Aug 22 13:54:29 EDT 1997

I've been thinking about this a lot recently, and I've come up with a few
ideas I'd like to put out in the open.

Hot swappable client:
Have the client written in Java, that way you only have to write the
client shell once. It should simply talk to a remote server to get new
keys, and report back information, all the cracking code would be written
in whatever language suited it best. 

The cracking modules could now have open source, since the client contains
the protocol that is currently being protected. This way client speeds can
be worked on by anyone interested. 

The protocol spoken by the client should include authentication of sorts
so that the client too could have open source. This might be a bit tricky,
but I'm sure it could be done.

Master Server:
By having a master server that just gives out keyspace we encorage
multiplce competitions among different types of groups. I think the
cyberian and infinate monkey efforts are great becuase they keep our
effort striving to stay ahead. The only problem with those efforts is that
we are all duplicating work, it would be ideal if this did not happen in
the future. Let different efforts decide what challenge to take on, and
how to pass out money. The master server will only be there to distribute
keys. (And if d.net wants to set up an effort they will be on equal terms
with all the others.) 


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