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Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Sat Aug 23 01:39:10 EDT 1997

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> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 12:09 AM
> Perhaps we should try to get the best from this no-boundary Net. We
> print the T from whichever country which can do it cheapest. IMHO, the
> prices for DES T's are relatively expensive, especially when converted to
> local currency. 
> Can you disclose the cost? Perhaps I will ask around in Malaysia and 
> probably can get a better deal. After all, what we want is to make the T 
> more affordable and widely wore every where.
> TwinTowers ||

Actually, I have no idea what the cost is. I'm not in the T-Shirt business,
I am a database programmer and network engineer. I just volunteered to do
the job at DES. But to give you some comparison. I hunted down over a dozen
T-Shirt printers who said the could handle the kind of quantities we
*might* need. Most had higher prices than Classic Impressions, the one we
chose. Some as high as US$18.50 for the DES white shirt with 4 color
full-area front, and 3 color full-area back, and even greater differences
for the colored ones. A few had lower prices, but couldn't guarantee time
frames, or didn't have the ability to handle credit card orders, or didn't
have an 800 number, or would only ship in large quantities.

I thought it made sense to deal with someone who would handle it all,
especially with the difficulty we were experiencing in getting it all done.
These guys had a high quality product and a total service, including the
ability to handle foreign orders, and had the capacity to do our work. You
have to remember that DES was almost exclusively a US/Canadian endeavor. If
you are in Kuala Lumpur, and need several dozen T-Shirts, it probably
doesn't make much sense to buy a US made T-Shirt with US printing on it.
OTOH, for just a couple of shirts, it probably doesn't make much sense not

Just my 2¢

Arvin Meyer
onsite at esinet.net

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