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Irwan Hadi phoenix at cutey.com
Sun Aug 24 19:17:42 EDT 1997

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At 14:34 21/08/97 -0600, Steve Trottier wrote:
I want to know, why we use the brute forte attack to crack the 
algorithm, why don't we use another way ?
Actually I've an idea, this come from playing card
Some years ago, I used to play card with my sister , and one of her 
game is , I select one card from the whole cards, and remember it.
And after some process , She can know what card it is 
Actually I look all the keys like a pile of cards , and only one of 
the card is true.
So if now I've know how to implementate it , I would do it.

>I'm not sure why you think that the Bovine effort would be 
interested in
>RC5-64. In the FAQ, they mention Mersenne Primes and Distributed 
>Engine as candidates for the next project but do not mention RC5-64. 
>the prime numbers and the chess engine sound interesting.  RC5-56 is 
>interesting because it is solvable within a year.  RC5-64 has 256 
times as
>much keyspace and would likely take much much longer to solve than 
>I don't know about the others participating in this effort, but I 
would be
>unlikely to spin my CPU on a project that I thought was going to 
take 20
>years to finish.
>Steve Trottier
>strottier at novell.com

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