[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #91

Steffan Davies steff at mad.scientist.com
Sun Aug 24 19:38:45 EDT 1997

Rik Ling wrote:
> In a perfect world you would be able to buy a quad-CPU 6x86 or K5
> Mainboards and get the best of both worlds.  I wonder, how difficult could
> it be to design an add-in PCI card that takes up to 4 Cyrix (or AMD) chips?
>  I'm thinking of something like the i960 Quadputer from Microway.
> Unfortunately the Quadputer is a non-symetric(sp?) multi-processor which
> you have to write programs specifically for.  If the board could be made
> for less than $500 then you could buy one fully decked with 4 CPUs and
> memory for around $1000.  Imagine a patched version of the RC5 client
> running on that!  Alas, I but dream---if it was cost effective to do such a
> thing, somebody would have done it by now.

I have been thinking along these lines - since all rc5 needs is CPU, why

Take a host computer that handles the network and comms side of the

A pile of cheapo motherboards with K5s and one floppy each, attached to
the built-in floppy controller.

A power supply for the above.

Daisy-chain the motherboards via the serial ports (I realise this would
load the CPU slightly, but it would keep things simple) to the host

I worked out very approximately that one ought to be able to get
something like 1500kk/s for about 650 quid, which sounds nice to me.
Anyone with any thoughts on this?

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