[rc5] win95 dialer setup

Rik Ling rling at pipcom.com
Sun Aug 24 23:17:01 EDT 1997

> From: Sanford Olson <sanford at msn.fullfeed.com>


> If you have v1.1 or higher of DUN, double-click "My Computer",
> "Dialup Networking", click on "Connections" menu item of "Dialup
> Networking" folder, select "Settings" from the "Connections" menu.  The
> "Prompt for information before dialing" setting should be the one that
> controls seeing the "Connect" button or not.

Just call me Homer --- D'oh!  Would you believe I own an ISP, AND I
distribute this stuff to my customers, AND I do tech support, and I didn't
know that you could do that?  I feel both blind and stupid now.

All hail the mighty Sanford Olson, keeper of cool Win95 tricks. <Faces
Sanford Mecca and bows deeply>

Later folks,

It's a mad, mad world.  Only the fully sane are truly crazy.
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