[rc5] Next Crack

Aaron T Porter atporter at entropy.muc.muohio.edu
Mon Aug 25 12:37:13 EDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Ryan Krueger wrote:

> Anyway, a Java based client is not impossible and the speed lost by not 
> going to assembly can be made up by more people running the client.

	When I first started dreaming of distributed computing (and code
cracking) Java was the way I wanted to go (java was a spec, not a language
at this point).  Imagine a java applet on a high traffic site that quietly
cracks rc5 keys without the users's knowledge or consent (as you can see
ethics were not much of a concern at this point).  If a site like yahoo or
altavista, or cnn, or sportszone did this... they'd blow away bovine in a
day or two, even if the client was 50% of the current bovine speed.  It
all comes down to that stickey issue of consent :)

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