[rc5] rc5 crack schemes

Pete Lai sir_drake at geocities.com
Mon Aug 25 12:53:53 EDT 1997

how about a variation on brute-force?
We shouldn't be doing a purely sequential scan, but using a bisection
At the very least, I think that we should assign blocks from both ends
of the keyspace, and go sequentially from there, instead of starting at
the beginning.

Also, there are some other schemes. The military uses a scheme which can
crack a lesser generation 128-bit crypt in approx. 25 minutes. (the gov
thinks only the US mil has this technology so it likes the DES-56 for
I've heard that it uses some sort of neural net + fuzzy logic in
determining key probabilities, and testing the keys that are calculated
to have a high probability of being correct.
Am I right or dead wrong?
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