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Ryan Krueger rskrueger at jtmd.com
Mon Aug 25 17:00:10 EDT 1997

>> Another idea:  There is a lag in writing the different platform clients, 
>> Java could be the bridge to start a new project on all platforms and then 
>> swap in the native code when it gets done.
>By far the best idea - Java would let you get your foot in the door until
>you get the real programming done - the high-level language would probably
>make it a lot less buggy at first as well.  You wouldn't have as much
>pressure to keep releasing poorly-tested code to include more

This is very powerful.  If this can happen you include so much so fast.  
What are the chances that Bovine will write as AS/400 client?  RS/6000?  
OpenBSD on Amiga?  Zero?  If it's in Java then it's already done.  There 
may never be a native client, but with a JITC it would be acceptable.

>One thing people keep saying is that Java will bring in more people and
>more platforms.  I haven't been really involved with the whole Java thing
>but I do have an idea of the basics.  What exactly would somebody need to
>install on their computer to run Java in the first place.  I understand
>that MacOS 8 might help out the Apple owners, but the vast majority of the
>idle CPU-time is running win95 - which does not run Java without 3rd-party
>software.  I know that I don't use Java on my computer - to me I think
>that a well-written native client would be a lot easier to install than a
>cross-platform client which requires additional software to run.  The
>native client could have more specific instructions (since it isn't
>cross-platform you don't need generic instructions on how to run a program
>or things like that), and could tap features of individual computers (like
>running as an NT service, or hidden in win95).  

This is of course true.  The hope is that Java will be a standard 
equipment in all OS's.  (Assuming that Java keeps rolling like it has.)  
It is in the installer for MacOS 8.  It will someday be installed default 
with Windows I suppose.  Then everybody would have Java already installed.

-Ryan Krueger
-rskrueger at jtmd.com
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