[rc5-proxyper] Re: [rc5] Personal Proxy on Linux

David Hubbard dhubbard at peds-cme.med.usf.edu
Mon Aug 25 22:59:35 EDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Jeff Lawson wrote:

> Yes, the v2 clients will all eventually time out on failed network opens
> after 4 failed tries to the preferred keyserver that you specify in the
> config, it'll try to open a default connection to rc5proxy.distributed.net
> until 10 failed tries, at which point it generates a random block.

	so do the clients ever come back to the .ini file specified key
server?  I'm wondering because I have some machines completely blocked
from the internet except one port open to my pproxy server.  So if my
server or the connection should be down and they go off looking for the
rc5proxy.distributed.net it sounds like they will never come back to the
only proxy they can reach, mine.  Is there a way to change that behavior
because I would like to upgrade these machines to v2 clients but since I
can only visit these machines every few weeks and they are on 24-7 I don't
want to worry about restarting the client. 

dhubbard at eng.usf.edu

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