[rc5] Random keyblocks

Marko Presburger nimrod at EUnet.yu
Tue Aug 26 09:23:56 EDT 1997

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At 05:28 PM 8/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>At 03:16 PM 8/25/97 -0600, Eric Gindrup wrote:
>I agree, BUT, the whole point of the random block generation is so that
>the clients that can't connect to the server can continue to work.  IE
>they won't be able to connect to get those tardy blocks.  Random generation
>is the only solution that I can see.
Perhaps the ID numbers of some already checked key block could be used. In 
of the future versions of the client maybe something like this could be 

The ID of a key block would be hard coded into a client ex. 193239:30000000. 
Now this block has already been checked and is known not to contain the key. 

The information contained in this block would be a number representing the 
percentage of the totally checked keyspace. Say 15%	

Since the keys are distributed sequentially the client would know, when it 
ran out of keys and went into the random generating routine, to only generate 

keys for the remaining 85% of the keyspace.

I feel this would significantly reduce the number of duplicate key blocks 
generated. Of course as the key space gets more and more exhausted more and 
more duplicates would be generated.

Perhaps another piece of data that could be passed via another key id would 
relatively large gaps in the checked key space (tardy blocks) which could be 
added to the free key space generation.

Another idea is to use the key id to automatically stop and deinstall the 
clients once the key is found.

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