[rc5-proxyper] Re: [rc5] Personal Proxy on Linux

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Tue Aug 26 03:40:32 EDT 1997

At 09:59 PM 8/25/97 -0400, David Hubbard wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Jeff Lawson wrote:
>> Yes, the v2 clients will all eventually time out on failed network opens
>> after 4 failed tries to the preferred keyserver that you specify in the
>> config, it'll try to open a default connection to
>> until 10 failed tries, at which point it generates a random block.
>	so do the clients ever come back to the .ini file specified key
>server?  I'm wondering because I have some machines completely blocked
>from the internet except one port open to my pproxy server.  So if my

Yes, with each network attempt, the client goes through the retry procedure
I described.  That is, it begins with the specified preferred proxy for 4
tries, then with the rc5proxy.distributed.net until 10, and then a random

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