[rc5] INFO: Another win for the good guys

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Tue Aug 26 10:45:51 EDT 1997

> From: spcox at HUB.ofthe.NET

> 		SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 25 (Reuter) - U.S.
>                   government regulations on the export of encryption
>                   software are unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled
>                   on Monday. 
>                      U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel said
>                   licensing requirements for the export of encryption
>                   software and related devices were an
>                   unconstitutional prior restraint on First Amendment
>                   free speech rights.

Thanks for the news. And good news it is.

I have no objection to the law adding penalties for the use of encryption
to aid in the commission of illegal activities (child pornography,
espionage, etc.). But, I sure don't want them telling me that I can't use
it for legal pursuits.

Arvin Meyer
onsite at esinet
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