[rc5] Re: Tardy blocks (was Random keyblocks)

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Aug 26 12:29:07 EDT 1997

>BTW how will we know when the correct key is found. Will our machine tell us 
>or will it just report back to Bovine. The point is that if it just reports 
>back to Bovine and does not let the client know the right key could have been 
>already bypassed and lost in a tardy block. Especially if you are running the 
>personal proxy. I had a machine go down which was running the personal proxy 
>and lost all blocks both finished and unfinished. Even if the client reports 
>it you could have a power outage while the machine was untended and the 
>information of finding the correct key would be lost.

The v1 clients did not actually check the entire message. Only the
first four bytes. If they matched, then it reported a "possible
solution" message to the screen, notified the server, and then carried
on with the rest of the keyblocks. Only the dev's know what a v2 client
will do. I guess you could set one up to point at the test port if you
wanted to find out bad enough.

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