[rc5] Slightly broken Mac client

John Caldwell johnkc at apple.com
Tue Aug 26 15:22:24 EDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Eric Gindrup wrote:

>      Is there a MacOS client that will use these buff-in and buff-out files 
>      and will report completed work, but will not request more work?  I 
>      just need to burn up about a dozen sets...

Configure a v2.004 or later Mac client to run in offline mode.  When you 
see it has consumed all of the blocks in its buff-in file (and so deleted 
buff-in), drop another buff-in file into its folder.  The client will 
begin using the new file the next time it needs a key.

To consume the buff-out files, start with the client in offline mode and 
checking a key.  Switch to online, and tell it to flush.  When the flush 
is complete (and so buff-out has been deleted), drop in the next buff-out 
file and perform another flush.  Make sure the client doesn't run out of 
keys while it's in online mode, or it will fetch more from the server.

After you've finished flushing all the buff-out files, return the client 
to offline mode and continue feeding it buff-in files.  After it has 
finished consuming all of the buff-in files and has begun processing a 
random block, return the client to online mode and perform a final flush.

You can now quit the client.  When you do, it will genereate a new 
buff-in file containing the random block it was working on, but you can 
discard that.


PS: If that sounds too much like work, just mail the buff-in files to me, 
and I'll chew through them (My current run rate is one block every 13.4 
seconds :-)).  I'll do the buff-outs too, but they'll be credited to team 
evagelist at apple.com.
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