[rc5] Slightly broken Mac client

Dimitris Tsapakidis dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 00:09:50 EDT 1997

> Configure a v2.004 or later Mac client to run in offline mode.  When
> you see it has consumed all of the blocks in its buff-in file (and so
> deleted buff-in), drop another buff-in file into its folder.  The
> client will begin using the new file the next time it needs a key.
> [...]

Here is another Mac question: Some of my team members complained
that after a local network outage their Mac clients went into
offline mode and then never recovered. They had to manually force
them into online mode. Is there any way for them to auto-recover?


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dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk    Security Research, BT Labs, Ipswich, UK
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