[rc5] ?'s: Dial-on-demand, firew

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Wed Aug 27 00:08:06 EDT 1997

On 26 Aug 1997, Mike Burgess wrote:

> Problem 2     ISP / Firewall/Proxy
>    LAFN.ORG   (http://www.lafn.org)  has a heavy duty
> firewall sytem, and I have not found a choice to get 
> thru with RC5.  I use netscape 3.02, which lets you
> configure proxys
> http://www.lafn.org/help/netscape/netscape2.gif

Without trying to decipher this blurb,

> However:  ""For communications with other Internet 
> computers, i.e., other than lafn.org or other LAFN 
> user's PPP-connected computers, PPP users are

let me restate that I've managed to hack the Apache web server to
automatically pass my credentials to our firewall.  If your problem
is that your HTTP proxy requires a password, this is the answer you're
looking for.  Check the mailing list archives for my answer, or mail me
for more details on it.

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