[rc5] Mac 2004 client crashing

Bruce Fisher bef at ssnet.com
Wed Aug 27 09:31:57 EDT 1997

>	I'm running Mac 2004 with FreePPP on  a PowerPC, System 7.5.5, 8Mb RAM.
>Occasionally, the client crashes when flushing - it goes something like
>1: Client completes clocks - tries to flush
>2: Client calls FreePPP
>3: FreePPP dials, and connects
>4: Client gets proxy,says it is flushing
>5: nothing happens - the client stops cracking, no menu options work, can't
>swap to Finder, but the mouse still moves and the PPP connection is still
>6: Reset machine.
>7: Try again - same result.
>Any suggestions?

Try allocating more memory to the program itself. Mine did that once, but
only when the memory allocation was left on the default setting(300).
Otherwise, performance is flawless. (on a Power Center Pro 210 / 64 Mb RAM
/ OS 8). Also, there is a patch available from the Mac rc5 site that will
give you a roughly 10% speed boost(mine went from 575 to 618k/sec) - if
using it, that is a hack that does interfere with the re-drawing of the
menus, so it might also be a factor in the screen freeze. If none of that
works, try trashing the rc5 prefs file -  it may have been corrupted. I
would also, just generally speaking, recommend getting more memory, so you
can run Mac OS 8, which is *very* stable.

BTW, if you are able to force-quit the rc5 application, run FixHeap and Mac
OS Purge (they each take about one second to run - and are available all
over the net at the usual places). That will likely avoid having to do a

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