[rc5] Mac Can't connect

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Aug 27 11:00:18 EDT 1997

Bruce Fisher (bef at ssnet.com), on 8/27/1997 9:10 AM, wrote the following:

>Keep in mind that Power Computing has NOT officially certified MacOS 8 with
>their machines.
>>When he tries to fetch, nothing happens for a few seconds, then it slips
>>into offline mode. If the connection to the internet HAS NOT yet been
>>made, it doesn't initiate the connection. If the connection HAS been
>>made, nothing happens except the drop into offline.
>>I know that he could join the effort by getting a 'buff in' file from me,
>>and then sending back the 'buff out' file, but that's a pain in the butt,
>>and he'd like to participate a little more directly.
>>Any suggestions?
>Sounds like an error in the telnet script. Have him try FreePPP(version
>2.5v2b9) instead. It's easy and reliable.

I thought I mentioned, though apparently I forgot to, that Netscape 
Navigator, Communicator, MS Explorer, Claris Emailer, and Fetch are all 
able to connect without a problem, whether or not a session was already 

Oh, and certified or not, OS8 seems to work great on his PowerComputing 
mac. He gets about 1/5 the crashes the he was accustomed to!

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